A Prayer for Pakistan

 A Prayer for Pakistan

Let Pakistan be Pakistan again

Let it be the dream Quaid e Azam wished it to be

Let us remove the suffering, fear and pain

And seek a home where each man is free

Let Pakistan be Pakistan again

Let it be a land free from corruption, economic and mental slavery

Where leaders do not connive nor scheme

A land where people have the freedom of thought and expression

Let my land be a land of Unity and Equality

Let all our children have a right to quality education

Where our nation is free from the shackles of illiteracy

A land where effort and ability is rewarded and celebrated

Let my land be a land free of religious Extremism and Injustice

Let our nation practice their religion without fear of persecution

A land where our people are tolerant, moderate and respectful

A land which can be a role model to the Islamic world

Let us turn our dreams into Reality

May Allah (swt) give our nation wisdom, self-belief and courage to bring Change


Soraya Aziz


6 thoughts on “A Prayer for Pakistan

  1. PAKISTAN PAKISTAN JIWAY PAKISTAN, a very good.. effort Soraya! May your dream translates into reality, may it happens sooner than later. Your dream is everyone’s dream we all pray for Pakistan. What is happening today in terms of awakening has never happened before, not everyone has been writing poems like this before. Imran Khan has rekindled the candle of hope, which inshaAllah will bring stability, prosperity and peace for all in Pakistan and in the neighbouring countries. AMEEN.

    • Thankyou so much for your encouraging words and I totally agree with you.
      Imran Khan certainly has woken the sleeping nation. May Allah bless IK and give us all strength and taufeeq to do all that we can to bring Peace to Pakistan.
      BTW, this was my first attempt at a poem, my next piece is work in progress:-)

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